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49 participants at Diospi Suyana’s yearly information event

Despite Corona, closed airports and a thousand other difficulties

It was a feat of the impossible.  Lima Airport was closed; no domestic flights in Peru; missionary doctors John had an extremely tight schedule; seemingly unsurmountable regulations regarding travellers from overseas.  But thanks to the help of many people this year’s information event for possible interested staff took place in Wiesbaden’s Christuskirche. Founding couple John undertook the arduous journey from Peru in order to be at the event.  Dr Jens and Damaris Haßfeld, Deputy Head of the Hospital and head nurse respectively, were also present.  The head of the Vereinigten Deutschen Missionshilfe (United German Mission Aid) explained to those present how one can organise a long-term working stint in Peru.  A representative of Wiesbaden’s Health Authority was also present and watched eagle-eyed that all hygiene regulations were adhered to.

An emotional Dr Martina John seeking new staff for Peru.
They all helped behind the scenes.

An amazing concerted effort:

A few days ago Ambassador Stefan Herzberg (below left) had informed the missionary doctors John of an unscheduled humanitarian KLM flight.  On the 14th June, two days before the planned departure, the Johns drove the 930km from Curahuasi to Lima.  The aeroplane took off from the military airport “Grupo 8” on the afternoon of the 16th June.  Three influential Peruvians asked the German Authorities for a flexible cooperation as regards the quarantine rules.  Both the Peruvian Health Minister Dr Victor Zamora Mesia (above left) as well as the President of the National Protestant Church Council Pastor Oscar Suarez (above right) had written personally.  In her letter the President of the Peruvian Red Cross Sra. Josefina Garcia Roca (below centre) appealed to the relevant authorities.  Dr Oliver Franz (middle right) Wiesbaden’s Mayor sought for and found a solution.  The German Health Minister Jens Spahn (centre) sent us a cordial letter from Berlin and wished us a successful event.

In Wiesbaden a certain Helmut Steitz (left) knocked patiently on the doors of various authorities.  Karin Straßheim (above left) from our home office was our support behind the scenes and Helga John (below right) organised a PCR-test for the German-Peruvians.  At the end of the day a medical laboratory gave the missionary doctors the medical all-clear.  And so the event could take place as hoped for and planned.

May God surmount further hurdles so that as many as possible of these Diospi-Suyana-sympathisers will come to help us in Curahuasi in the near future.