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Radio Diospi Suyana

4 golden hands in the operating theatre and buckets full of blessing

Now the pathologist can examine the tumour weighing 7.4kg

Llamoha B. is a 45-year-old farmer.  High up in the hills the Quechua-Indian and his parents grow potatoes, barley, beans and sweetcorn.  It is a hard life without much income.

Last September he noticed a hard lump in his lower abdomen.  Months passed in which the tumour steadily grew.  When he finally sought the help of various doctors none of them wanted to operate on him.  The CT-findings showed a huge mass of tissue that was starting to push the other organs out of place.  The farmer could hardly eat anything and without an operation Llamoza could have chosen a few square metres on the cemetery.

Yesterday general surgeon Dr Olga Koop and vascular surgeon Dr Thomas Tielmann dared a high-risk operation.

A day after the operation the patient made a great impression: “Of course you can take my photo and report about my case,” he told our staff.  “I am eternally grateful for the Hospital Diospi Suyana!”

During the operation.
Missionary nurse Rebecca Meininger stands next to the thankful patient.