The Concept

The location of the mission hospital is the Andean town of Curahuasi at an altitude of 8500 ft above sea-level.
Approximately 750,000 people, predominantly indigenous, live within a 3 hour radius of Curahuasi.
The Diospi Suyana Hospital wants to offer comprehensive care to these descendants of the ancient Incas. The facility will be equipped with 55 beds, 4 operating rooms, intensive care, laboratory and x-ray unit.
Some 80 Peruvian employees find jobs at the hospital. Another 30 volunteers from abroad are financed through support groups in their countries of origin.
The construction started on 24 of May 2005 August of 2007. The mission hospital was inaugurated by the First Lady of Peru on 31 of August 2007 in the presence of 4500 guests.

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