Interview with Anette Bauscher

In its ordinary meeting on October 30, 2004 Diospi Suyana signed on Ms. Anette Bauscher from Solms as its fund-raiser, with effect from January 1, 2005. Diospi Suyana spoke with Ms. Bauscher:

DS: Ms. Bauscher, what is meant by this expression “fundraiser”? The man in the street will be scratching his head at the word.

A.B.: That´s true. I don´t like it very much either. It sounds a bit like “ulterior motives”, particularly to people who are not familiar with it. Unfortunately there isn´t a German word for it. “Fund” is money, means, resources and “raise” is to procure, to obtain, to cause to increase”. My job is just procuring donations or rather “teaching people the joy of giving” as one American fundraiser put it.

DS: You worked at ERF (Gospel Radio/TV) in Wetzlar for almost 10 years. The ERF is a huge established charity. Diospi Suyana on the other hand has only become known in Germany this year. What has caused you to make the change. Did a sense of adventure get a hold of you?

A.B.: Who knows? I am a bit of an adventurer. I don´t worry about security; after all, that isn´t what God asked us to do. He is our “security”. I find the varied pioneer work very exciting, even if it is uncomfortable and there is the risk of losing sight of the main goal with all the small but important jobs to be done. And although I do have a “steady” side, there is a side to me that needs change, so that things don´t get boring. It is also important to me not just to keep things ticking over but to move ahead. Standing still is fatal and is really going backwards. And that is what I liked about the founders of Diospi Suyana; they want to achieve something, believe that their project is God´s project and that He will help them.
I find the novelty and originality of the project really exciting, fully reliant on God.
As far as ERF is concerned – it is still very important to me. ERF will always be something special to me. But I think after the 10 years I gave to it, it´s time to take on a new challenge.

DS: You are taking a certain risk. Do you do high-risk sports like bungee-jumping or paragliding?

A.B.: I did try paragliding on my last holiday. It was a great, unforgettable experience that I´d love to repeat. Apart from that I love horses. What I love about them is that they are sometimes impetuous and unpredictable. On the whole I think they are the most noble and fascinating of all of God´s creatures. I ride regularly, swim and visit friends in my leisure time. And soon I´ll be playing with a puppy, I´m looking forward to him.

DS: Have you ever been to South America?

A.B.: Yes, I visited my aunt in Brazil in 1997 who was a missionary there for 35 years.

DS: Should you ever take a look at the situation of the mountain Indians in Peru, you are sure to be offered a guinea pig to eat; does the thought make your mouth water ?

A.B.: Help, anything but that! I´d rather become a vegetarian. I´m afraid I would have to politely decline……

DS: What do you think makes Diospi Suyana attractive to potential sponsors?

A.B.: For one thing, that DS is so closely involved with the people. And not only medically, as people too. A lot of people appreciate the fact that DS isn´t trying to “re-educate” the Indians but to support and further their own culture. There are enough examples in history of foreigners wanting to evangelize with their “good intentions” but succeeding in doing the opposite.

DS: What do you think the chances are of the Diospi Suyana hospital being financed long-term at least partially by donations?

A.B.: In human terms, the chances are poor in view of the present economic situation. The people are unsure and are hanging onto their money, think of themselves first and their futures, which is understandable. But with God nothing is impossible. He has shown that he wants Diospi Suyana. And so He will provide the people who will make the project their own and support it financially.
Don´t forget that everyone is blessed by giving. God promises us that in Malachi 3:10. He likes to be proved in this!

DS: Yes, in Germany there is a real atmosphere of crisis. Luther said that if the world were to end tomorrow he would still plant an apple tree today. What sign of hope would you erect?

A.B.: Diospi Suyana

DS: Diospi Suyana means “We trust in God”. What does this motto mean to you?

A.B.: God challenges us to live out our faith. The motto reminds me of this every day and encourages me to do so. This isn´t always in my nature.

DS: Now we really know a lot more about you. Thank you for the interview.

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