30 Protector Rolls – market value 6,000 euros – for free!

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Donation from Dörken

To better seal parts of the roof of the hospital from rainwater, Diospi Suyana needed a high-quality protective film.  Team member Michael Morl, by e-mail, knocked on the door of a company in Herdecke.  The management and all the employees gave the thumbs up and a large donation was signed and sealed.

Doerken Folie
This is what the protective film looks like.

We thank the company Dörken very much for their generosity.  Once the next container brings the materials to Curahuasi, the construction crews with Johannes Bahr can begin their work.

Of course, Michael Morl receives a grateful pat on the shoulder as well.  However, since he initially didn’t want to be mentioned, we appoint all the readers of our website to keep this knowledge a secret.  So, this information will remain completely among us.

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