Flight baggage containing 30kg of freight that it too hot to handle


On its way to Europe and to you

An inconspicuous couple is checking in.  As they put their luggage on the conveyor belt no one – not even the drug police standing right behind them – has an inkling of what explosive goods are about to be conveyed.  The suitcases are filled with small and large parcels which contain extremely precious contents.  50 missionaries and Peruvians have done something incredible.  In many areas of the hospital (e.g. in the x-ray department, the A+E unit, in the laboratories,…) one could watch employees cutting, sticking and stamping; all of them working against the clock.  Their task was daunting: they themselves had to make 9,000 bookmarks for Diospi Suyana’s Christmas Round Robin.

Diospi Suyana is pleased to announce that their efforts, which tested their ability to work under pressure to the utmost, were not in vain.  You will receive the “things their hands have made” in the second week of December as a small thank you.   Diospi Suyana came into existence and continues to thrive through God’s blessing, which we receive yearly through thousands of our friends.

Now we hope that the two aeroplanes transporting the precious freight will arrive safely in Madrid and Frankfurt and that after safe passage thieving hands will not steal the suitcases from the baggage belts.  That would be tragic.

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