2010 was a great year

January 6th: The German Ambassador brought a delegation to visit the mission hospital. In his speech, Dr. Christoph Müller honored Diospi Suyana´s contribution to the medical care of the people of southern Peru.

January: Udo Klemenz oversaw the construction of the helicopter pad on a terrace below the hospital. No sooner was it completed than it was put to use right away.

 ● January 25th: Following a serious bus accident, the 54 injured were admitted to the hospital. All of the patients survived with the exception of a women who was pronounced dead on arrival. Petra Höfer and Esther Lietzau took 148 x-rays and cat scans. All of the staff excelled themselves.

At the end of February the book “Ich habe Gott gesehen” (Seeing God) was published by Brunnen. This documentation of the background to Diospi Suyana went into its third reprint in November.

In April Diospi Suyana purchased a plot of land in the heart of Curahuasi for the 12 Kids´ Clubs. In March 2011 a three-storey building is to be erected on the plot.

 ● On April 21st Dr. John spoke about the work of Diospi Suyana to the leaders and representatives of all the parties in Parliament.

Just one day later Congress conferred honorary citizenship on the John missionary doctors in a live TV broadcast.

 ● In April Germany´s 2nd major TV station (ZDF) sent a camera crew to Peru and created a very positive report which was broadcast on May 3rd and seen by 800,000 viewers.


 ● In May Tobias Löscher and friends installed the hospital´s fifth lot of solar energy panels which provide warm water for almost every room in the hospital. Of course, Michael Mörl had a hand in it, as usual.

On June 26 the dental and ophthalmic clinic was opened next to the hospital. Peru´s first lady Sra. Pilar Nores de García and the federal state President took part in the ceremony, which was filmed by five camera teams. Twelve different companies had donated equipment worth over $600,000. Ayla Bloomberg from New York was there to represent the Henry Schein Co. and Jochen Vogel of Sirona Co. flew in from Salzburg.


The 50,000th patient at the hospital was a patient of Dr. Jens Hassfeld´s who came to the hospital from the federal state of Cusco on June 30th  for gynaecological surgery.

August: The Schreier family from Eibenstock installed the elevator for beds and heavy equipment at the hospital. Nine different companies had donated the various components. This unique event was reported in trade journals in German, English and Spanish.

●  August: The missionary doctor´s first tour of Finland. Two TV appearances and four press reports brought the message of Diospi Suyana into thousands of Finish living rooms.

At the end of August Pastor Dietrich Weiand and his wife Christiane brought great encouragement to the staff at a weekend retreat. Almost all of the missionaries and their children were able to take part.

September: 15,000 copies were made of the second Diospi Suyana film. Mario Meyer, Jakobus Schneider and Micha Spannaus had worked on the film for months.

November: Ophthalmic opticians Reinhard Müller and Hans-Peter Ströbel set up a workshop in the eye clinic with considerable assistance from  Elisabeth and Michael Mörl. It officially goes operational on May 1st 2011.

December: Master joiner Sven Hunger constructed an adventure playground in the hospital grounds. A high school in Weißenburg had raised the money for this project.

Diospi Suyana would like to thank its supporters and staff all over the world for their faithfulness.

An old hymn says it best:

“Now thank we all our God

With hearts and hands and voices

Who wondrous things hath done

In whom His world rejoices!”

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