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Radio Diospi Suyana

14 years ago 4,500 people celebrated the inauguration of the Hospital Diospi Suyana

9 TV-teams broadcast the colourful event into many countries

Everyone present will never forget those impressions.  Through many TV-reports millions of people in Peru and in other countries witnessed a great celebration.  But why back in August 2007 was there so much interest in a hospital in The Andes? – The main aspect was faith in an all-powerful God.

Trusting in the reality of The Almighty Diospi Suyana turned into a multi-million project out of nothing.  Without a guaranteed budget, without help from the German nor the Peruvian Governments, Bill Gates nor the UN.  Instead between 2004-2007 several thousand private donors had put their small change together.

In their opening address missionary doctors John put their message in a nutshell when they said: “Only God can turn a little into a lot and create everything from nothing.  Soli Deo gloria!”

14 years later we thankfully look back on 430,000 patient visits.  That what started quite small has turned into something quite big.  2010 a dental and eye-clinic was added.  2012 we inaugurated the building for the Children’s Clubs.  The School started teaching in 2014.  2015 we purchased a guest house in Lima as a base-station for our mission.  2016 we embarked into the media world with our radio and TV-channel.  2017 a new storey was built on our hospital and our orthopaedic workshop opened its doors.  2019 the operating theatre wing, the media centre and the school were extended.  And what will the future bring?  God alone knows./KDJ

Members of staff seen yesterday behind the cake tables.  200 small cakes had been prepared for the staff of the early- and late-shifts.
A banner 14 years ago: “Faith moves mountains”!
14 years: Diospi Suyana has long passed its test.
Arrival of some dignitaries: Peru’s First Lady, the Health Minister, Representatives of the German Embassy, the State Governor and guests from several countries.  For Christians Diospi Suyana has to do with trusting in God.  Especially at the start non-Christians thought the whole project was utter madness.
I am told they tasted delicious.
Only standing places on the outside of the fence left.
The missionaries sang the German National Anthem.  Diospi Suyana is the biggest German project in Peru in private hands.