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0.61mio people click on our Facebook-page in one day

The Peruvian people give Diospi Suyana their maximum support

The speech delivered by the missionary doctors John was broadcast live on radio and subsequently posted on Diospi Suyana’s four Facebook-pages.  Of course we know that in Peru Diospi Suyana is extremely liked, but even the most audacious optimists did not expect such an overwhelming echo.  At 9p.m. Peruvian Time more than 0.61mio Peruvians had informed themselves about the dispute.

In hundreds of comments people from all parts of the country condemned the meddling-attempts of the regional government.

Click on the following link to access our Facebook-pages.  The populus’ voice is brutally honest: https://web.facebook.com/diospi.suyana.peru/

The following detail must also be mentioned: over the past few months while formulating the documents for the cooperation agreement the authorities tried thrice to coerce the hospital to agree to a certain amount of state control.  In our view this is the greatest danger.

If the trend continues we expect to cross the one million visitor mark tomorrow.  In the history of Peru it is probably the first time that one hospital motivates the Peruvian people to such a massive expression of solidarity.

Throughout the day people were calling us giving their details in order to secure Diospi Suyana as a private missionary hospital for the poor.  We thank God, who even uses social media for his purposes, for this blessing! /KDJ