Who Carries the “Load”

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There are three support groups

To operate the Diospi Suyana Hospital and keep the Diospi Suyana School running requires a monthly sum of $150,000.  As patients carry only a fraction of the true cost, Diospi Suyana would bleed financially after a few weeks and would be bankrupt sooner or later.  The support of our work comes from three sides.

1. Our missionaries work for the school and hospital on a voluntary basis. They are supported through friends and therefore the hospital does not have to pay them a salary.  However, the hospital does pay the salaries for 150 Peruvian employees.

2. Monthly or quarterly Diospi Suyana receives financial assistance from 968 friends. These donations cover the majority of our budget.

3. And 624 people have committed to pray regularly for our work, asking God’s blessings for our patients, students, and staff. We can work hard, but only God is able to miraculously make much from little and out of nowhere do something miraculous.