How do operating theatre equipment and Christmas fit together?

The answer was recently given in Regensburg

Filling operating theatres with the appropriate equipment does not come cheap and neither IKEA nor DIY shops provide you with what you want.  But irrespective of cost any modern operating theatre needs the specialised operating tables and chairs.  A couple of days ago eye surgeon Dr Werner Keßler (from Ludwigsburg) and Dr John visited “UFSK-International OSYS GmbH“ in Regensburg.

The owner, Jürgen Scherrieble, gave his guests plenty of his time and showed them around his large halls which are filled with top quality products that he sells around the world.  But his customers turned out to be unique: they set up laptop and projector and several pictures flashed across a wall of his exhibition hall.  Mr and Mrs Scherrieble noticed pretty quickly that this was no ordinary presentation and afterwards decided that UFSK-International would make a donation in kind to Diospi Suyana’s eye clinic of €6,000 – it feels like Christmas.

An hour later Dr Keßler headed back to Ludwigshafen und Dr John travelled further to Austria; both were united by a deep feeling of gratitude.

Mr and Mrs Scherrieble on the left, Dr Keßler and Dr John on the right.
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