What do these things have in common?

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A full waiting room, a wedding, and communion

The waiting room is full; there is standing room only. Outside the main entrance of the hospital, there are many patients without a doctor’s appointment, hoping to see a doctor. At Diospi Suyana, it costs four soles ($1.25) to be examined by a physician. Needless to say, this hardly begins to cover the true expenses of the hospital. Patient fees cover roughly 20-30% of the hospital’s budget, depending on whether or not donated missionary salaries are included in the calculation.

166,000 patients have been seen so far. Why is Diospi Suyana not already bankrupt? It is because of people like the Wiemers. A few days ago, Frank and Petra Wiemer celebrated a church wedding after 25 years of marriage. Instead of asking for gifts, they collected donations for Diospi Suyana. Their son Paul-Ferdinand also gathered a contribution at his communion.

Wiemer Schatzkiste Hochzeit
The bride and the bridegroom with their son Paul-Ferdinand

Two days ago, the Wiemers gave a total of 1,325 euros ($1450). This amount represents 4,640 Peruvian soles, which will cover 1,150 patients for their medical appointments with us.

We thank the Wiemers and many other friends of our work who allow us to do what we do. We wish God’s blessings on all three of the Wiemers for the future.

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