Daniel Dreßler: Latest progress at the construction site

Kindergarten fertig gestrichen

A call for order and cleanliness

Due to a public holiday on Saturday, the workers get to start their weekend on Friday afternoon this week-as is often the case in Germany or the US.  For them it is a great pleasure and motivation, because usually “the hammer falls” at lunchtime on Saturday.

I have never seen such devotion by the construction workers on any of the sites I’ve previously worked.  After a short pause for prayer, the long days begins with hard work.  We are extremely grateful for God’s protection in these often dangerous activities.

The work now is focused on the courtyard of the kindergarten.  The paths are now concreted and the building shines with fresh white and red paint. Even the base of the roof (roof box) is now closed in and completed.  The painters are now working to finish the gym.  The tilers have started on the ground floor and you can slowly see how nice it will look in a few weeks.  On the play porch on the extension of the kindergarten, the screed is installed and the first handrail has also been installed.

The window manufacturer is working hard to make each window.  He is here almost everyday to take the exact measurements of each individual window and door.  The fencing is coming along slowly.  The subcontractors often take quite a lot of time and often aren’t seen for a few days.

Each construction week at Colegio Diospi Suyana is a “German Week” because we continue to value quality, order, and cleanliness in our work.

The Morning Prayer at the play terrace
Eingang zur Spielterrasse
The stairway to the play terrace
View of the entrance and bathroom in the kindergarten
Wege zum Kindergarten fertig zementiert
The cemented sidewalks to the kindergarten
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