The symbol of the radiowaves

Medienzentrum mit Fenster slider

A time plan for 6 months

The building for our radio and TV work is standing. But many details are still missing in the TV-Studio. There is a lot of work to be done before the first broadcast of the first show. The offices should be furnished by the end of May. Today, Thursday, the tables, closets and chairs for Diospi Suyana are being loaded in Switzerland. The installation of the equipment for the Radio- and TV studios will take another 2 months. Most likely we will purchase the equipment in the USA or in Europe.

Fester vertikal
The radio waves left their mark in the window.

At the same time, antennas need to be constructed in Curahuasi and in the east of the state of Apurimac. Possibly, we will be purchasing the land for this purpose.

We are planning with the arrival of our Australian TV-technician, Chris Welsh, and his family in May. His input is very important for the signal transmission. In June, a team of around 10 people will be thinking about the programs embodiment. The plan is to have a Tandem-Team. Each professional will be teaching one further person.

End of July/ beginning of August: The official induction of the Media Center. After that the transmission over FM. 2 months later the TV transmission may follow.

In the fall, during the evening program, we would like to transmit a show over short waves. For that we must also buy the equipment and install it.
Every long journey begins with the first step. Luckily, this first step has already been taken some time ago. The opportunities that this new branch of work presents, is worth all the effort.

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