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Friday at 08:02a.m. – the 300,000th patient is treated at the missionary hospital

Another excellent milestone

To be honest we had only expected this event in a couple of weeks. But due to the flood of people seeking help that we have experienced over the last few days, the 300,000th patient crossed the hospital’s threshold yesterday. Sr. Aurelio Santa Cruz (75) and his wife, Leonarda, were totally surprised by their good fortune. They live in Cusco State and have six children.

In a festive ceremony Dr Klaus John brought the beginnings of Diospi Suyana to mind. Back in 1991 he and his wife Martina had toured the Republic of Peru as rucksack tourists and had experienced the plight of the Quechua-Indians firsthand. 27 years ago the country was ravaged by the violent conflicts between “The Shining Path” and the government troops. In February 2003 the missionary doctor and the Swiss Markus Rolli visited Curahuasi for the first time. Four years later 4,500 people celebrated the missionary hospital’s inauguration.

Mr and Mrs Santa Cruz received a generous hamper filled with good and healthy treats. A Diospi Suyana award is an absolute must for such an event. Since the mayor was on a business trip to Lima, Regidora Sra. Gloria Mosqueira from the city administration held a short speech. She commented that the Hospital Diospi Suyana had changed the face of Curahuasi for the better and thanked the founders and all members of staff for their sacrificial service.

The event shows by just how much the flow of patients has increased over the past few years. In its first year 18,000 patients were treated at the hospital; for 2018 we reckon with a patients-treated figure of 50,000 patients.

Dr John thanked God for this work of faith and read verses from Psalm 96. Pastor Santos said a thanksgiving prayer. The ceremony lasted 15 minutes after 127 months of hard work.

Now we are rolling up our sleeves again and are back to work. At the current rate we estimate that we can celebrate our 500,000th patient in four years.

Picture caption from left to right: Marina Pacheo (head of social development of the city hall), Pastor Santos, Dr Klaus John, Mr and Mrs Santa Cruz from Cusco, Dr Martina John, Dr. Jens Haßfeld (rear), head of administration Matthias Besold (rear), Regidora Gloria Mosqueira and Damaris Haßfeld (head of the nurses).

The happy winners are standing at the cash desk and have not an inkling of what is about to happen. Behind them the Diospi Suyana TV-team is waiting.
“You are Diospi Suyana’s 300,000th patient! What do you think of the Hospital Diospi Suyana?”
We congratulate the couple. The star-patients are the focal point of a packed church and two TV-cameras.
A historical event for Diospi Suyana.

Legende des obersten Bildes: V.l.n.r.: Marina Pacheo (Direktorin für Sozialentwicklung im Rathaus), Pastor Santos, Dr. Klaus John, das Ehepaar Santa Cruz aus Cusco, Dr. Martina John, Dr. Jens Haßfeld (hinten), Verwaltungsleiter Matthias Besold (hinten), Regidora Gloria Mosqueira und Damaris Haßfeld (Leiterin der Krankenschwestern)