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Hope in the Land of the Incas 

Janet und Geoff Benge from New Zealand have written many exciting books for young people. To date, a total of more than three million copies of their creative work has been sold. Their latest publication is a biography of Klaus-Dieter John, including extensive references to his wife Martina. Over the past two years, Janet and Geoff Benge have been following the missionary couple via email and telephone and went to see them in person. The result is a book in English language whose Spanish translation will be published in a few months’ time. Two weeks from now and against a donation you may order the book from our German office or order it direct as an ebook from Amazon.

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Available now in print and as ebook.

“It was totally dark. The lights in the city were turned off, and there were no street lamps, no neon signs, and no extra glow in shop windows. Klaus noticed that theirs was the only car on the road. How would they slip by the checkpoint? Klaus glanced at his wife Tina, whose eyes were shut in prayer. Suddenly he heard a thunderous crash, then saw a bright flash of light.”

Dr. John’s seemingly impossible vision of Diospi-Suyana, a world-class hospital for impoverished Peruvians deep in the Andes Mountains, was blessed by God to the end. Despite challenges in fund-raising, construction, moving his family from Germany, and countless roadblocks, Klaus’s dream was finally realized, bringing hope in a land loved by God. (1960-).

Janet and Geoff Benge: “Hope in the Land of the Incas”



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