The Best Not the Worst for the Poor

Alte Sachen 2

Clean Out

During the first two years, Diospi Suyana received a lot of outdated material donations.  Fortunately, many departments of our hospital are now equipped with new appliances in 2014.  There are a number of reasons that speak against antiquated instruments.

  1. If a device is of no use in the USA or Europe, it is also inappropriate in South America.
  1. Repairs are much more difficult to accomplish in Peru. New machines work reliably.
  1. Theologically, one might argue as follows. Christians are to give God the best.  That means, its good advice for a Christian company chief to donate the new device for the mission (where it is used in the name of God for the poor) and to keep the old unit. Often the thought patterns are different.  The best thing you keep for yourself and the inferior one is for charitable purposes.


Alte Sachen Teaser
Left to right: Medical technician Markus Rolli, gynecologist Dr. Jens Hassfeld, OTA Simon Giesbrecht, and nurse Kathy Huettner

Yesterday our surgical team scrapped unserviceable and obsolete equipment.  Technician Markus Rolli helped with expert advice.  There is a widespread phenomenon that mission hospitals receive the waste from Western clinics.

“We need to dispose of our x-ray machine.” says one.

“Oh, we can give it a try at a mission hospital.” says the other.



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