Rethinking the multiplication tables 1×1

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European Math Books Utilized at Diospi Suyana School

Actually, the Peruvian curriculum in mathematics is quite reasonable, but the reality is quite different.  It is not uncommon for parents to expect that kindergarten children should be doing advanced math.  The result is that most children get left behind and never really understand the fundamentals before they are rushed into advanced math applications.  It is recommended that a thorough learning of the basic math principles first be mastered.

The professors at our mission school were trained in the application of a new teaching method in February.  Two experts from Lima came especially to Curahuasi to explain step by step working with the new textbook.  It was originally published by the Stuttgart Klett-Verlag and then translated and adapted by an institution in Lima.  The material is didactically very descriptive and it will facilitate the student’s progression.

The learning environments are also becoming more diverse.  It is not unusual to see students climbing stairs as they figure out problems. And sometimes the whole schoolyard serves as a great textbook, which always makes the learning material more fun.

The goal at our school is to provide children from all social classes an excellent education.  God only knows how successful it will be, but it is important that we go with Him.  The first successes have thankfully already been seen. / CB

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Math in the schoolyard
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