Alcohol Consumption Dropping in Curahuasi


A change in both the head and heart

Nine years ago the work of Diospi Suyana began among the children of Curahuasi.  Currently, 400 boys and girls attend the kids club each week.  They learn not only to handle scissors and crayons, but also that God is real and loves each one of them.  They learn that problems can be overcome through faith in God and the indulgence into alcohol is unnecessary and counterproductive.

Since Diospi Suyana’s presence in Curahuasi through the kids clubs, the hospital, and the school, the behavior of the residents in relation to their alcohol consumption has changed significantly.  The children attending the kids clubs often tell their parents what they have learned about alcohol.  Even local politicians tell of this positive development through the work of Diospi Suyana.

In the end, almost everyone benefits.  However, the liquor dealers earn less and probably dislike the work being done by Diospi Suyana.

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