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A Life-Saving Procedure

Lastwagen an der Bodenwelle slider

Bumps protect the driveway to Diospi Suyana

August 2013:  Dr. Ursula Buck wants to turn her car left towards the driveway of the hospital.  At that moment, a truck trying to pass her crashes into her car, spinning it off the road.  She ends up sandwiched between the truck and the sign of the hospital.  Dr. Buck only suffers a scare, but her car is a total loss.

Unfall in der Nacht red
Protection in dire need

A few months earlier, another accident happened at this same spot.  A drunk driver rammed into the back the John family car.  Since the drunk driver was not wearing a seatbelt, his head hit the windshield and he had to be quickly taken to the hospital Emergency.


Unten an der Straße
To the left, the driveway to the hospital. To the right, a truck climbs carefully over a bump. The photographer is at the first bump.





Hopefully these sad incidents are now over.  On either side of the driveway to the mission hospital, the city administration has installed cement speed bumps.  Instead of passing by at 55 mph, the trucks can now pass through the danger zone at only walking speed.

We are grateful for the tremendous improvement to the safety of our road.